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Since we were formed in 2000, our partnership base has grown significantly to now include;

London Boroughs, City, County and District Councils; a national sports governing body; and many other public and not-for-profit bodies including educational organisations and a housing trust.

Our portfolio includes:

  • 79 swimming pools, incl. 50m indoor; wave; flumes; movable floors and booms; outdoor; diving etc
  • 29 sports halls
  • 56 health and fitness centres
  • 1 ice rink
  • watersports centre
  • 1 indoor tennis centre
  • indoor bowls centres
  • athletics stadia
  • 2 outdoor activity venues                                                                        
  • 25 outdoor synthetic pitches
  • 7 community venues
  • over 700 exercise classes every week

Our successful operational and financial performance provides a secure asset base and cash reserve, bringing over £20m of new investment into our partnerships.

Over the past 6 years we have completed over £150M of investment with our partners and funding bodies such as Sport England & Heritage Lottery Fund. This programme has brought significant and improved amenities to our local communities, adding to the quality and variety of services that can enhance community wellbeing. 

We have re-instated 12 disused and dilapidated facilities, bringing to the local community new and enlarged swimming pools, health and fitness facilities, space and equipment for children’s activities, sports halls, outdoor sports facilities and cafés. We estimate that there will be an extra 5 million visits a year as a result.

Last year alone, we realised several improvements to the Fusion portfolio with new refurbishment projects started in the year as well as the completion of 2012 projects.

In 2013, Fusion was awarded the contract to operate 8 leisure facilities, including 2 outdoor centres and 1 golf course, in partnership with Bedford Borough Council.  

Major investment and new partnerships, together with existing operations have delivered enhanced customer experience and increased activity whilst maintaining the company’s secure base.

Our comprehensive organisational competencies include:

  • Experience and ability to operate a diverse range of facilities
  • Practised in facility investment and redevelopment
  • Proven expertise to quickly mobilise large complex partnerships and new facilities
  • An understanding of, and capability to deliver, first class customer service and effective operations


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