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Personal training at your local leisure centre

Enquire at reception now about our qualified personal trainers in centre. A brief discussion will give you an idea of what you might get out of personal training and a better understanding of the practicalities such as convenient session times and our great value charges. Ian Yoxall

 What can a personal trainer do for you?

  • Help keep you motivated & chart your progress
  • Design a programme for you for either short or long term goals, target areas of the body or for working towards a specific event (a wedding? a holiday? a marathon..?
  • Our trainers will offer you general fitness advice, nutritional advice, postural advice and more along the way. 
  • Offer you a health screening when you start
  • Provide training on specific equipment such as kettle bells, bosu, power plate, viprs and free weights
What benefits could you see?
  • Improved health, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness and bone density.
  • Weight loss or gain / muscle build
  • Changes for the better in confidence and self esteem
  • Improved muscle tone and definition
  • Improved function of the body
  • Greater efficiency as a result of improved fitness techniques
  • Different ways of committing to improved diet habits
You can view the profiles of our Personal Trainers below - ask at reception or speak to one of our PT team next time you are in the Gym to find out more!
Alexx Xavier
REPs Level 3 Instructor
YMCA Personal Trainer
Olympic Lifting Instructor
Kettlebell Instructor
Primal Flow Instructor
Nutritional & weight management Level 3
LSSM Sports & Remedial massage
I am a YMCA qualified advanced personal trainer, who has worked in the fitness industry for over 14 years.  I’ve provided correctional strength training advice for the Sky Channel on Real Lives, Extraordinary Weight Stories documentary.  I work with a diverse client base, helping them achieve their individual fitness and wellness goals.
I specialise in corrective exercise incorporating, weight management, kettle-bell & Olympic weight training, circuit training, boxing & kick-boxing based exercise for dynamic postural stability, lower & upper-back stability and strengthening.  I also balance strength training programmes with core stability workouts using Stott Pilates & CHEK principles and include Primal Flow & functional movement drills to achieve optimal effect and results.
All clients receive a first class package to suit their fitness & lifestyle requirements, including advice on; Weight management, Flexibility, Nutrition advice including Food intolerance testing, Body toning, and remedial massage for soft tissue injuries.
My own sporting background includes high-Jump & trampolining at junior level, cycling (BMX, mountain biking & road cycling), and martial arts.  I also enjoy running middle-long (5–20Km) distance and charity cycle events (London-Brighton, London-Southend).
If you would like to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals, contact me on
07968 774558
Angel McKenzie
Personal Training (level 3 Diploma)
Gym Instructor (level 2 specialist)
Exercise Nutrition
Circuit Training
Running Instructor
Athletics Coach
Swiss Ball Training (level 2 specialist)
Boxing Coach (professional or amateur)
Professional Boxer (representing UK since 2004)
First Aid Certification 
Picture your ideal self right now. Maybe you want to lose some excess pounds. Perhaps you want to build muscle, bulk up. Maybe you feel like you need to improve your health, your body or your life but you’re not really sure how. Above all, you want to be fit, confident, happy and healthy. 
This can be a reality.
I am passionate about helping you get the results you want. We’ll get there together!  
As one of my clients, you will benefit from my 15 years of experience as both professional trainer and athlete. I can help with: nutrition advice; weight loss; building core strength and stability; toning and muscle conditioning; flexibility; posture correction; achieving muscle bulk; motivation; rehabilitation after accidents or injuries; and much more.
I will keep you motivated by providing a positive and friendly atmosphere. Balancing fun with a no-nonsense approach, I ensure my clients get excellent results – and enjoy      themselves in the process. 
Together we will devise a unique programme tailored to address your personal concerns and ensure you reach your individual goals. We’ll work out the best way to help you feel good in both mind and body. 
Start making a difference today. Please contact me on 07412 307394 or email me on: for your free consultation.
Maddy Tusler
Stott Pilates Matwork Level 1
Premier Diploma in Personal Training
Advanced Gym Instructor
Sports Massage Therapist
DLL Expert Level 3
Metabolic Typing CMTA Level 1
Core & Flexibility Training
REPs Level 3 Instructor
Following a passion for sports & fitness, I trained as a Personal Trainer back in 2005.  Since then I have continued in my learning in both areas of physical 
training and nutrition, gaining qualifications with Health Excel in metabolic 
typing and DLL Expert and Stott Pilates. My next goal is to become a yoga teacher and bring my love of yoga to my sessions.
My training is specific and centred around achieving strong postural attributes and a healthy body composition, ultimately increasing your cardiovascular capacity and core strength whilst gaining improved posture.  Our sessions include and combine resistance and strength training and cardiovascular activities.  These can include; boxing, free weights, using your own body weight, SAQ (speed agility and quickness) and Pilates based core work.  I can help you set short and long term goals to create frequency and focus and I will support you with programmes and help you create a positive and healthy exercise routine for continued progress.
Please contact me on 07976 989 239 or email me on: for your free consultation.
Teresa Waite
YMCAfit Advanced Diploma in Personal Training ,  REPS Level 3
Exercise Nutrition
Fitness Testing
Outdoor Fitness
Sports Conditioning
Certified Power Plate Instructor
Level 3 specialist in Adapting Exercise for Older Adults (50+)
YMCAfit Kettlebells, Suspension Fitness, Sculpt, Indoor Cycling and Circuit Training
Certified  ViPR Trainer
Do you want to be fitter, slimmer and stronger, but feel daunted by the choices? Have you been slogging away on your own, but just getting sweaty?  Discover the difference that a dedicated personal trainer can make.
I specialise in fat loss, muscle toning, functional core strength and flexibility. I am experienced in creating fun and effective programmes for different ages, abilities and medical conditions. My encouraging approach will put you at ease, boosting your confidence and making exercise an enjoyable part of your life. Watch your body fat drop, your muscle tone increase, and your health improve.  You will feel good about yourself and proud of your achievements. Together we can turn your good intentions into amazing results.  Stop Waiting, Start Training.
Please contact me on 07979 900818 or email  for your free consultation.
Ian Yoxall
Personal Trainer Level 3
Advanced Cardiovascular Training Level 3
Advanced Resistance Training Level 3
Exercise to Music / Aerobics Level 2
F.A Football Coaching Level 1
Nutrition and Weight Management
Qualified personal trainer who has been helping clients achieve their goals for over 5 years. I know what it takes to achieve the highest levels of health and fitness, I am passionate about my job – and it I like to think it shows.
Whether your target is an approaching health check, sporting event, a wedding or a holiday – or you want to lose weight, build muscle or just improve your overall fitness – my personal training techniques will help you achieve your goal with great results.
My personal exercise programmes and nutritional advice plans are tailor made for each client, ensuring optimum effects.
I also specialise in Body Conditioning, Resistance Training, Circuit Training and Kickboxing and includes elements of these skills within my personal training programmes to guarantee each hard working session will also be fun and unique.
Please contact me on 07921 079 194 or email me on: for your free consultation.

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