Personal Training

Personal training at your local leisure centre

Enquire at reception now about our qualified personal trainers in centre. A brief discussion will give you an idea of what you might get out of personal training and a better understanding of the practicalities such as convenient session times and our great value charges.

 What can a personal trainer do for you?

  • Help keep you motivated & chart your progress
  • Design a programme for you for either short or long term goals, target areas of the body or for working towards a specific event (a wedding? a holiday? a marathon..?
  • Our trainers will offer you general fitness advice, nutritional advice, postural advice and more along the way. 
  • Offer you a health screening when you start
  • Provide training on specific equipment such as kettle bells, bosu, power plate, viprs and free weights
What benefits could you see?
  • Improved health, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness and bone density.
  • Weight loss or gain / muscle build
  • Changes for the better in confidence and self esteem
  • Improved muscle tone and definition
  • Improved function of the body
  • Greater efficiency as a result of improved fitness techniques
  • Different ways of committing to improved diet habits
Ask at reception when you are next in centre.
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