Free Swimming for 60 years and over

Lady over 60 enjoying free swimming

Whether you're a seasoned swimmer, want a bit of practice or you're a complete beginner, there's never been a better time to dive in. Public swimming sessions are free for everyone over 60 years old.

1. How do I get to Swim for Free?
You will be required to complete the application form and present proof of your eligibility at the centre in order to register. Only Croydon Residents are eligable for this scheme.

2. Will I need to show proof of age on every visit?
Yes you will.

3. Is Free Swimming available in every session?
Only public and general swimming sessions are free for use.

4. I have a Swim Only Membership and I qualify for Free Swimming – what should I do?
Your Swim Membership gives you more flexibility with our daily swimming sessions, speak to a customer advisor about your best option.

5. What are the benefits of swimming?
Swimming improves health and fitness levels, tones muscles, burns calories, stimulates circulation, soothes the mind and improves stamina.

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