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Working across all the Leisure Centres in Oxford our Sports and Community Development Manager supports the development of sporting and physical activity opportunities for the community.

We work with local stakeholders including schools, community groups, coaches and sports clubs to increase participation and the quality of sport in Oxford.

Our objectives

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    » Active Women

    The Active Women project is designed to get women and girls (16 plus) back into sport or joining a sport for the first time.

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    » BOA Passport Scheme in Oxford: free access to Olympic and Paralympic athletes

    The Olympic Passport Scheme was established in 1996 and is designed to offer exclusive benefits to athletes. One such benefit is free access to local leisure facilities in Oxford.

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    » City of Oxford Swim Club

    The successful swimming club train at Barton Pool, Ferry Sports Centre and Temple Cowley Pools.

  • » Community Fit Club starts at Blackbird Leys

    A new way to get fit, lose weight and stay in shape.

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    » Exercise Referral Scheme

    70% of men and 80% of women don't take enough exercise.Oxfordshire Exercise on Referral is a partnership between Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust and Oxford City Council to help people discover the health benefits of regular exercise. Every day Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust's health professionals see people who could really improve their health with a little exercise. The scheme offers an easy and supportive way to make this lifestyle change.

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    » FACS - Free Access for County Sportspeople in Oxford

    The Oxford City Free Access for County Sportspeople (FACS) scheme enables county sportspeople to train free of charge at Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, Blackbird Leys Pool, Barton Pool, Ferry Sports Centre, Oxford Ice Rink, Temple Cowley Pools & Fitness & Hinksey Pool.

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    » FANS - Free Access for National Sportspeople in Oxford

    The Oxford City FANS scheme is open to Oxford’s elite sports people of all ages who currently compete or perform at a national level in any sport recognised by Sport England.

  • » Fit 4 All

    Fit 4 All is a programme that promotes inclusivity to people with special needs.

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    » GO Active - Get Oxfordshire Active

    Go Active is being by the Oxford Sports Partnership bringing together key health and leisure providers. Each district and city councils will have dedicated GO Active Co-ordinators

  • » Help support INCTR Challenge Fund

    The Challenge Fund is the Oxford–based charity (Charity no. 1079181) that supports front line programmes monitored by the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR) that build up the capacity to fight cancer in these developing countries. INCTR enjoys official relations with the World Health Organisation (to whom it supplies technical assistance) and INCTR programmes are reported in the medical literature so that we in the UK can benefit from the lessons learned. There is now sufficient research evidence to show that lack of exercise and being overweight can increase our personal risk of developing cancer.

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    » Ju Jitsu in Oxford

    Oxford Ju Jitsu is a martial arts club that teaches real life self defence in a safe, friendly environment. The club is run as a not for profit organisation by committee members to provide teaching in the style Ju Jitsu practiced by the Jitsu foundation, comprising a system of throws, joint locks and strikes

  • » Keeping active in Oxford

    Keeping active and is a vital part of enjoying life and remaining healthy. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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    » Local Sports Clubs in Oxford

    Information for parents about what to consider when taking your children to a local sports club and for information about sporting opportunities across Southwark. This includes Coaching Courses too.

  • » Local and National Partners

    We are working with local partners to deliver sports and physical activities in Oxford.

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    » London 2012 and Oxford

    We had our open weekend in 2009 and 2010 as part of a wider country-wide celebrations of the 3 and 2 year countdown to the London Olympic Games. However, there is lots more happening.

  • » Oxford Junior Stars

    The Oxford Junior Stars ice hockey club is a competitive club dedicated to the development of young players between the ages of 6 and 21. With 7 teams including newly formed U16 girls and U21 teams as well as a nation leading Learn to Play programme, we are dedicated to ensuring everyone is given the best opportunity to progress in English ice hockey.

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    » Oxfordshire Sports Directory for people with a disability

    Oxfordshire Sports Partnership have launched a new Oxfordshire Sports Directory for people with a disability or impairment, which details information about sports opportunities, pathways and clubs in Oxfordshire.

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