7 Tips for a Fit Summer Body

It's that time of year again: it's not long until the official "start of summer" on 21st June and the countdown to swimsuit season is on!

If you're looking to shortcut your way to a summer body, these 7 super-simple workout ideas are for you.

1.      HIIT it off

If you're buzzing to get results as quick as possible, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is your best bet. Classes like Intencity Max, Insanity and Grit deliver massive results in just 30 minutes, perfect if you're tight on time.

HIIT, which involves all-out effort with active rest periods, jump starts your metabolism and is super effective at both burning fat and building muscle.

What's more, the "afterburn effect" is a major bonus. Intense activity triggers "excess post-exercise oxygen consumption", where your body continues to burn calories for around 24 hours after exercise.

2.      Keep your cool

When it's summer, the world is your playground. You can take advantage of the warmer weather and take your workouts outdoors. 

Exercising outside has been shown to reduce stress, improve your mood and the fresh air even helps you fall asleep quicker! The University of Essex found that exercising outside for even 5 minutes makes you happier and more confident. That's on top of the "feel-good" hormones that are released when exercising which naturally improve your mood.

Look out for outdoor sessions like Boot Camp and Running Club to work up a sweat in the great outdoors.


3.      Test the waters

There's no better way to escape the stresses of city life than with a swim. Underwater, your muscles are under constant resistance, so swimming doubles up as both cardio and strength training in one go. Plus, each length of front crawl works 48 different muscles. Pretty cool right?

And if the sun's out, you can cool off in spacious outdoor lido's like Hillingdon and Brockwell Lido. Work on your summer body, as well as your tan at your closest lido here


4.      Stay strong

Lifting weights, like kettlebells, boosts your metabolism and melts away fat. Sculpt your body, without having to spend hours in the gym, with total body workouts.

Moves like squats and lunges give you the most bang for your buck. The exercises work multiple muscles, joints and supporting muscles, so you tone up faster than targeting single muscle groups.

Classes like Body Conditioning include multi-muscle moves like lunges, while Summer Body Circuits sneaks bursts of cardio into your strength sessions.


5.      Nutrition on point

Fuel your body with enough proteins, carbs and good fats and you'll be more motivated, energised and likely to get the results you want. It's easier to eat healthier when you cook for yourself and it saves you money in the long run too.


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6.      Get personal

A personal trainer or a workout buddy who knows their way around the gym will help you leaps and bounds. If you're starting out, a good personal trainer is a god send for getting you the results you're after, showing you how to properly do exercises through to keeping you focused on your training goals.


7.      Rest up


Chances are when you've got a swimsuit and a deadline in mind, you'll start to do more workouts in a shorter time. But there's a catch: rest days are essential to keep your drive high and let your body recover. Spend at least one day a week doing whatever you like to do that isn't diet or exercise related, such as catching up on sleep or going out with friends. Keeping your motivation high is the key to staying on track.


Shortcut your way to a summer body - by trying just one of these tips this week - it's never too late to get started!

Get stuck into summer body circuits, HIIT classes, dive into an outdoor pool or do whatever other activity takes your fancy. Find your new summer programme here.

Summer, we're ready for you!

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