How to crush summer workouts

You're workout ready - changed and eager to go.

You step outside your front door. The sun blares down on your head and that familiar cloud of heat engulfs you, zapping you of your energy before you even break into a jog.

It's almost enough to make you hide indoors until summer's over.

But a heatwave doesn't have to get between you and your dream physique.

Crush your summer workouts with these 5 tips to work out without burning up.


Shower power

Taking a cold shower or even slurping down an icy drink before exercise can work wonders before a sweat session. This method of "pre-cooling" lowers your core and skin temperatures to combat the adverse effects of heat during your workout.Researchers from Cal State-Fullerton found that people who 'pre-cooled' before exercise found their workout easier than those who didn't.

German scientists writing in Sports Medicine even found an average performance boost of 3.7% from pre-cooling.

Already hit the gym? One of the easiest things you can do is to get a small towel wet,wring it out and throw it on your neck for instant relief.


Be an early bird

When it's hotter than Greece outside, it helps to time your workouts right.

Your best bet for keeping cool outside is opting for early mornings or late evenings, when humidity levels are lowest.

Out of the two, early morning workouts get the winning vote as humidity levels rise during the day.

What's more, having got your workout done first thing means you'll be buzzing from endorphins for the rest of the day. Win-win!


Switch it up

"It takes most healthy people 10 to 14 days to fully acclimate to exercising in the heat," said Dr. Cedric X. Bryant, chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise. 

Skip sweltering outside for interval training or circuits indoors, which gives your body more rest, so you can cool down and stock up on water.

A plunge in the pool is one better - water is naturally cooling and you won't be drenched in sweat after a workout.


Dress for success

It may be common knowledge but cotton shirts aren't the one in the heat. Cotton soaks up sweat like a towel, holding the moisture against your skin, increasing your body temperature.

Lightweight,loose-fitting workout gear allows sweat to evaporate, so you can cool down effectively. This'll also help avoid any heat rashes, skin irritation or breakouts.


Drink to that

When it's hot and sticky outside, you'll often feel more sleepy, lethargic and less likely to want to get up and about. In fact, the main cause of tiredness in hot weather is dehydration.

Ina typical day during a heatwave, you'll be losing fluid and electrolytes more than usual and your body will use up energy to maintain your normal body temperature.

Tackle the tiredness by constantly having a bottle of water on you and sipping it throughout the day.

And if you're working out intensely or for more than an hour, it's definitely worth replacing lost electrolytes with some food or a sports drink.


The golden rule?

Listen to your body and you'll thank yourself.

Ice cold drinks and morning yoga sessions it is - who's in?

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