Our Approach

Providing first choice services at affordable prices with access for everyone.

Working collaboratively

We work together with our key partners including local authorities, schools, colleges, charities and other public, private and not-for-profit organisations.

Independent and experienced

Our board of trustees is independent and voluntary. They are highly experienced with skills drawn from the best of the public, private and not-for profit sectors. We are not owned by anybody, such as employees, shareholders, or private sector organisations.

Locally empowered and accountable

We are committed to developing locally empowered and locally accountable partnerships. Our objective is to make a positive impact and contribute to local services and facilities.

Highest quality for all

We are all dedicated to working with our partnerships to deliver first choice services and facilities and to encourage everyone to enjoy and participate regularly in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Environmental responsibility

At Fusion we carry out our activities in ways that minimise the negative environmental impacts of our business while maximising the positive ones. 

Our certifications are Carbon Saver Gold Standard and ISO14001:2004 and the regular audits of this system enable us to manage our use of natural resources and protect the environment for future generations