Get Health and Happy - Andrew's Story

Andrew is a member at his local centre, Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre and finds his membership an affordable and convenient option, he says he is very happy to be back using the facilities as during lockdown he travelled 20 miles a few times a week to use the gym in his son's garden to maintain his fitness.

In his youth, Andrew says he was very active sporty, although due to an incident involving a car crash, his possible football career was put on hold when he damaged his right leg. Following this in later years, Andrew had a knee replacement and a triple heart bypass. 

He made the decision to join the gym after having serious thoughts about maintaining his health during his retirement years. Once he had got started, he says the centre staff were very helpful in showing him how to use certain equipment and how to get the best results for a more effective workout. 

Due to his medical history, running isn't an option although enjoys many other options available including weights and stationary bikes. Although Andrew finds that not only does attending the gym improve his physical health, but also benefits his mental health and helps him to stay youthful.

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